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Finding the best medical colleges abroad for MBBS or the best country to study MBBS is as challenging as deciding a medical career.
Transworld Educare Pvt. Ltd. (Pune) is the principal Indian associate of Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF), a leading medical educational institute of Philippines. Transworld Educare is the pioneer in introducing Philippines as the ideal choice for Indian students looking to pursue medical education i.e MBBS in foreign.

About DMSF

Davao Medical School Foundation is one among the leading educational institutes in the Philippines and has been a leader in providing medical education for students throughout the world.

Established in the year 1976, the college is located in the Mindanao region of Philippines in Davao City.

The school is located close to the hub of the city which is one of the fastest-growing regions in Asia and boasts of a constant climate, both in terms of its climate and its politics.

Students are affiliated to the Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital, the Southern Philippines Medical institute, the Davao Doctors Hospitals, San Pedro Hospital and Broken shire Memorial Hospital all with a strength of over 4000 beds while being one of only 2 medical colleges in the region for their clinical rounds in the third and fourth years of their courses, thus allowing the students to have an unmatched level of clinical exposure.

At DMSF, our aim is to provide education and services to the patient, community health care and community engagement.

We aim to give back to the World Healthcare Professionals of the highest quality in all respects.


Philippines is basically an English Speaking Country that allows Indian students to pursue MBBS in the Philippines to communicate easily with their Professors as well as patients during their clinical rotation which is very important. The Philippines enjoys a constant Tropical Climate throughout the year which means that they have a Similar Disease Spectrum as that found in India. Students studying MBBS in the Philippines get Extensive Clinical Exposure and Hands-on Practice in their final year in hospitals with Good Patient Strength due to a population density similar to that we find in India. The country also shares Similar Cultures and Values found in other South East Asian Countries.


Davao is one of the safest cities in the world and the safest city in South and South East Asia. The City, though being one of the largest cities of Philippines has a population of over 30 Lakhs and has only 2 medical colleges. This means that DMSF students, get access to an large bed strength in most of the Hospitals in Davao in comparison to students pursuing MBBS abroad in other countries. Davao has implemented strict rule over the years, such as No-Smoking rule in all public areas.






Accreditations & Affiliations

World Health Organisation

Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research

Commission on Higher Education

Features of DMSF

Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) is one amongst the leading education institutes in the Philippines and has been on the forefront of providing Medical education for students from around the world

FMGE – The road to medical career in India

FMGE – The road to a medical career in India The FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) is a test attempted annually by Medical Students who have completed their Medical Course in Foreign Countries. It is a mandatory test…

Revolutionising medical learning at DMSF with simulated mannequins

Revolutionizing medical learning at DMSF with simulated mannequins DMSF is the first medical school to set up simulated mannequin stations for clinical teaching and training

Knowledge Resource Centre- A digitized Ultra Modern Library for DMSF students

Knowledge Resource Centre- A digitized Ultra Modern Library for DMSF students DMSF, the Knowledge Resource Center (Library), is one of the most modern libraries…


In addition to the excellent teaching and Training offered by DMSF, the DMSF – Pune campus offers MCI Screening test coaching & training. I am thankful to Transworld for these value-added services.

Dr. Balaaji Thirumaran ( Tamilnadu )

2018 Graduate

Living and studying at Davao Medical School has been one of the highlights of my life. Transworld has truly made the dreams of many students to study abroad, come true. I couldn’t have found any better
Dr. Pranavjeet Kaldate ( Maharashtra )

2014 Graduate

I am the first student of the first batch of DMSF, and my goal was to become a very competent and efficient Doctor. What I found was that the syllabus of DMSF is conceptual rather than just mugging up the books.
Dr. Vaidehi Desai Shah ( Gujarat )

Clinical Chemistry Technologist

“The Principal Indian Associate of Davao Medical School Foundation”

Davao City, Philippines

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