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The Philippines, officially the called the Republic of the Philippines , is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. Situated in the western Pacific Ocean, it consists of about 7,641 islands that are categorized broadly under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas , and Mindanao.
As of January 2018, it was the eighth-most populated country in Asia and the 12th most populated country in the world. Approximately 10 million additional Filipinos lived overseas. Multiple ethnicities and cultures are found throughout the islands.
The country enjoys a primarily tropical climate similar to that found in India. It is one of the fastest-growing economies in South East Asia and is regarded as one of the must-see tourist destinations in the world due to its serene beaches and picturesque landscape.


The FMGE Exam (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) is a test attempted annually by Medical Students who have completed their MBBS overseas. It is a mandatory test which these students need to clear in order to be registered under the Medical Council of India or any State Medical Councils.

MD Program

  • The pattern of education in the Philippines is largely based off of the U.S. The same is the case for medical as well. MD (U.S Pattern, short for Doctor of Medicine) pattern is followed in the Philippines and is equivalent to MBBS (United Kingdom Pattern, short for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). In India we associate the term M.D to denote a post graduate degree but in most countries in the world the M.D is used to denote the bachelor’s degree.
  • The Philippines is one of the few countries which up until recently did not have a 10+2 style of syllabus. Instead students were required to complete any Bachelor of Sciences degree after completion of their 10th, and after which the students could join the 4 year MD Course.
  • Taking into consideration that the students from other countries have already completed 2 years of education after their 10th, the students are only required to complete a shortened B.Sc program which has a duration of 1.5 years after which they can join the M.D program which has a duration of 4 years. Effectively meaning the duration of the course will be for 5.5 years. After the completion of the course the students need to return back to India for a Screening examination (currently called FMGE, but will be soon called the N.E.X.T) which is mandatory for all students weather they study in India or abroad. After completion of the exam the students need to join into any hospital in India for completion of their Internship.
  • The degree offered by DMSF is recognized by WHO, FAIMER and ECFMG. It is also PAASCU accredited and has tie-ups with several reputed Universities across the globe. It is also recognized by the MCI and is listed in Part II Schedule III if the Indian Medical Council Act.
  • The M.D syllabus varies slightly from the MBBS pattern since it relies more on practical exposure for the students during their final years of studies. This integrated with the fact that the Philippines offers extensive opportunities for hands-on training in the final years of studies, and DMSF has one of the largest bed strengths clinical exposure in the country because of being one of only 2 medical colleges in Davao, creates a truly unique study environment for the students which is truly unmatched.

Subjects list for MD

1'st Year

  • Gross Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Art & Sciences of Med1
  • Primary Health Care
  • Research 1
  • Neuro-Anatomy

2nd Year

  • General Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Art & Sciences of Med2
  • Neuroscience 2
  • Surgery 2
  • Microbiology & Parasitology
  • Research 2
  • Pediatrics 2
  • Obstetrics

4th Year

  • Clinical Skills Modules (4 weeks)
  • Medicine (8 weeks)
  • Surgery (8 weeks)
  • Ob-Gynecology (8weeks)
  • Pediatrics (8 weeks)
  • Comm Med (8 weeks)
  • E + ENT (2 weeks)
  • Psychiatry ( 4 weeks)

3rd Year

  • Pediatrics
  • 3OB-Gyne 3
  • Surgery 3
  • Internal Medicine 3
  • Community Medicine 3
  • E + ENT
  • NS 3
  • Legal Medicine
  • Medical Ethics
  • Dermatology
  • Rehab Medicine
  • Radiology

Course Details MD Program

1st Year

(Curriculum Hours)
(Curriculum Hours)
Lecture Laboratory Lecture Laboratory
Gross Anatomy 72 90 72 90 324 26.8%
Histology 36 36 36 36 144 11.9%
Physiology 72 72 72 72 288 23.8%
Biochemistry 72 72 72 72 288 23.8%
Art Science of Med 1 36 - - - 36 2.9%
Primary Health Care 36 - - - 36 2.9%
Research 36 - - - 36 2.9%
Neuro-Anatomy 36 - - - 54 4.4%

2nd Year

(Curriculum Hours)
(Curriculum Hours)
Lecture Laboratory Lecture Laboratory
General Pathology 81 72 81 72 306 24.6%
Pharmacology 54 54 36 36 180 14.5%
Clinical Pathology 36 - 36 - 72 5.8%
Art & Science of Med 2 72 - - 72 144 11.6%
Neuroscience 2 54 - 54 - 108 8.7%
Surgery 2 54 - - - 54 4.3%
Microbio & Parasitology 90 72 72 36 270 21.7%
Research 2 36 - - - 36 2.8%
Pediatrics 2 - - - - 36 2.8%
Obstetrics 2 - - - - 36 2.8%

3rd Year

(Curriculum Hours)
(Curriculum Hours)
Pediatrics 3 108 72 6 252 16.5%
OB-Gyne 3 72 72 72 216 14.2%
Surgery 3 72 72 72 216 14.2%
Internal Medicine 3 108 72 8 276 18.1%
Community Medicine 3 72 - 6 144 9.5%
E + ENT 54 54 - 108 7.1%
NS 3 54 54 4 156 10.2%
Legal Medicine 36 - - 36 2.4%
Medical Ethics - 36 - 36 2.4%
Dermatology - 36 - 36 2.4%
Rehab Medicine - 18 - 18 1.2%
Radiology - 27 - 27 1.8%

4th Year

Clinical Skills Modules 4 Weeks
Medicine 8 Weeks
Surgery 8 Weeks
Ob-Gynecology 8 Weeks
Pediatrics 8 Weeks
Community Medicine 8 Weeks
E + ENT 2 Weeks
Dermatology 2 Weeks
Psychiatry 4 Weeks


Davao Medical School Foundation

The FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) is a test attempted annually by Medical Students who have completed their Medical Course in Foreign Countries. It is a mandatory test which these students need to clear in order to be registered under the Medical Council of India or any State Medical Councils. To this day, the overall passing percentage amongst Foreign Medical Graduates in this examination remains to be very low and is a cause for much concern for students looking to pursue Medicine Abroad.
This is one area where DMSF is able to set itself apart and is able to show the quality of its education. In Association with Transworld Educare, year after year, DMSF has been able to provide the highest passing percentage in the MCI Screening Test (FMGE) amongst all Foreign Medical Colleges. With an average first time passing percentage of 85% since the first batch of students took the exam. The students have also consistently been amongst the top marks in the examination with DMSF students holding the no.1 rank in the MCI Screening test on multiple occasions.
The most recent batch from DMSF scored performed exceptionally once again in the MCI Screening Test (2018) with the students accumulating an overall pass percentage of 86%. Four students of DMSF also had the distinction of being amongst the top 10 overall marks in India.
To even further the high pass percentage of our students, Transworld also conducts special coaching classes for our students with the eminent faculty specialized in FMGE Preparation. The Pune Campus provides a conducive, apt environment and facilities for the FMGE students to focus on their crucial preparations for the screening test without having any additional burdens.


General Instructions

  • General Instructions to Candidates
    Before applying to the University, each candidate is expected to read and study the University Prospectus and the application form carefully and submit to the university admission office in all respect with eligible entries.
  • Interview and Counseling:
    Selected candidates will be called for an interview and counseling. Admissions are based on merit and performance in interview.
    1) The application form must be complete and all entries legible.
    2) Original documents will have to be produced at the time of interview and counseling and attested photocopies of documents mentioned below should be attached with the application form.
    a) Passport
    b) 10th-11th-12th marksheet
    c) 10th – 12th Passing Certificate
    d) Transfer Certificate / Leaving Certificate
    e) Migration Certificate
    f) Birth Certificate
    g) Community Certificate
    h) 10 Nos. Recent Photograph (80% face visibility, White Background, Matt finish)
    3) Candidates who are short-listed will be duly intimated for further admission process at University.
    4) Please check the fees payable for the course before applying to the University. Fees are payable in advance before commencement of course. All tuition fees are reviewed annually. Fees once paid will

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